When Draconis Combine forces descended on Irece intent on the annhiliation of the Nova Cat clan, many smaller forces of civilians and military personnel were able to evacuate from the chaos. Many of these forces were caught by the naval cordon while fleeing the system, but a few managed to get away. The Ronin Cat Avengers are the largest of these groups and they carry with them an important prize: genetic legacies for most of the Nova Cat clan, spirited away from the genetic repository shortly before its final destruction. Their successful escape from Irece was no accident. Scientist Bateson, a leading member of the scientist caste, had organized a contingency plan for saving the clan genetic material. It was this contingency plan that brought the Ronin Cat Avengers together.

The Ronin Cats Avengers are made up of several other groups that were on planet at the time of the assault. A significant part of the force comes from a small group of Republican forces who were on refit on Irece. Their commanding officer, Knight Gideon Nostra-Gardbaum, was of Nova Cat ancestry and had many connections with the clan that he was using to refit and re-equip his forces at the time of the assault. The Avengers are also made up of the remnants of two Clan clusters. The frontline Ninth Battle Cluster was assigned to escort the Republican forces when the Khan learned that they carried the lifeblood of the Clan. The reserve Second Irece PGC had been assigned to guard the spaceport where the Republican dropships were located. Finally, while en-route to their jumpships, the Avengers made contact with two civilian dropships filled with refugees that they took under their wing.

Once free of Irece, the remaining units formed a leadership council. After much debate it was decided that the Ronin Cat Avengers would travel to the distant stars of the Clan Protectorate to seek a home with the Spirit Cat brethren. But the journey would be long and dangerous.


Many of the Avenger’s officers were killed in the initial escape from Irece, including Knight Gideon Nostra-Gardbaum and Star Colonel Khadir Nostra of the Ninth Battle Cluster. The highest-ranking officer remaining is Star Colonel Stefan but at 53, he is nearly a fossil among the clans. Senior Star Commanders and Republican officers planned and organized by committee, rather than risk upsetting the balance of power by re-organizing the officer corps.

After the unit re-organization on Sonnai, Star Colonel Stefan was made the official commanding officer, although the council still makes decisions in practice. To mollify Crusader elements displeased with the elevation of a solamha commander, Connor Drummond was promoted to Star Captain and given control of one of the new Trinaries.

Unit Organization

Initally, the Avengers continued to operate within their separate original units, as the remnants of two clan clusters and Republican augmented company. However, unit attrition necessitated the need for a more practical re-organization.

This re-organization finally began when the Avengers had a chance to catch their breath on Sonnai. The most contentious decision was rather to organize around clan or Inner Sphere principles. Ultimately, given the weight of clan units, the decision was made to re-organize into a provisional cluster. The provisional cluster is made up of three mixed ground unit trinaries and an aerospace binary. Some Republican and Nova Cat personnel were mixed between units, but all Republican personnel retained their original Republican ranks. A provisional combined rank system was developed to accomodate this logistical complexity.